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NOTE! Showtime changed! Sat 27h Aug at 19:00 @dramalabbet!

PRESS INFO 17.8.2011 – may be published immediately

Award-winning Finnish monologue in Stockholm

Finnish contemporary theatre can be seen in Stockholm as the monologue ”Oodi rakkaudelle” (Ode to Love) has its Swedish premiere in Stockholm Fringe Fest on the 25th August.

”Ode to Love” is based on poems of Tuomas Timonen, one of Finlands leading young poets. The performance though is not just peaceful recitation. Heavy rock turns suddenly into reggae in this unpredictable dialogue between tragedy and comedy.

”The entirety is intense and intriguing. The word doesn’t just become flesh, it radiates physicality; dancing, trembling, sweating.” (Turun Sanomat 17.7.2011)

The performance is an ode to love which crosses the linguistic boudaries. After its premiere two years ago it has turned in Finland and abroad, and received prizes in festivals in Germany and Lithuania.

”Actor Tuukka Vasama grabs his audience first with silence, then with scream, induces them to his rhythm and finally wraps them around his finger.” (Uusi Suomi 18.7.2009)

”The performance is rebel, intelligent and amusing. It can even be recommended to young people. -I liked. I liked. I liked.” (Kaleva 6.7.2009)

The performances:

Thu 25th August at 17:45 Kulturhuset (Hörsalen), Sergels Torg
Sat 27th August at 19:00 Dramalabbet, Östgötagatan 2, Södermalm
Tickets 50 sek / 25 sek
Length: 50 min.
The performance is in Finnish with English subtitles.

About the artists:

Tuomas Timonen (f. 1975) is dramaturge. Aside of  drama, he has published two poetry books. ”Oodi rakkaudelle” (Ode to Love) was awarded as best poetry book in Finland in 2007.

Director Vihtori Rämä (f. 1973) and actor  Tuukka Vasama (f. 1978) have worked together in ten years. Rämä is theatre chief in Rovaniemi City Theatre in Lapland. Vasama is working as a freelance actor in Helsinki. In 2008, he won the Young Elocutionist Award in Kajaani Poetry Week.

The group Esitystaiteen seura (Performing arts society) was founded in 2005 in Helsinki. Its objective is to seek new forms within performing arts.

Press photos

Additional info:

Producer Eeva Kemppi (in English) / +358 44 725 77 00 / info at esitys dot fi
Actor Tuukka Vasama (på svenska, in English) / +358 50 491 5737

Our Swedish trip is sponsored by:

The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation

Nordic Culture Point –  The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme



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