The Dark Project 3: LIGHT NOISE

The Dark Project started in 2004. Its general aim is to scrutinize conditions under which a performance takes place and what is its relationship to visibility. LIGHT NOISE is the third phase of this project, inspired by the concept of noise. Visual, auditive, textual, and embodied noise become material for LIGHT NOISE performance. It is produced by Esitystaiteen seura in collaboration with the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre (Tampere, Finland) and the Kiasma Theatre (Helsinki, Finland).

A video clip from the visualists’ workshop (Helsinki, October 2010).

The working process covers three years. In 2010 and 2011 the team gathers together several times for one week workshops in Tampere and Helsinki. The LIGHT NOISE workshops combine spatial, technological and theoretical approaches as well as the performer’s action. Together these elements create a foundation, a mutual, shared stage, for the working team. The final rehearsal period launches in January 2012 and premiere will follow 25th February 2012 at Teatterimonttu, Tampere.

A video clip from the first workshop week gathering together (almost) the entire team (Tampere, November 2011).

Our cross-disciplinary working group is gathered together by lighting designer Tomi Humalisto and director Vihtori Rämä. The team consists of various theater professionals: sound designer Mikael Eriksson, producer Eeva Kemppi, dramaturge Timo Heinonen, actor Olli Kontulainen, dancer-choreographer Hanna Korhonen, media designer Teemu Määttänen, dancer Maija Nurmio, visual artist Anna Nykyri, choreographer-dancer Elina Pirinen and actor Tuukka Vasama.

A video clip from the latest workshop (Tampere, April 2011)


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