Ode to Love

A man falls in love. He is desperate, he is raging, he is in agony. He wants to go crazy. He wants flowers. He wants… all kinds of things. But he doesn’t want to mix emotions with this.

Ode to Love is an intense, aggressive and humoristic monologue made to poems of a young Finnish poet-playwright, Tuomas Timonen. Heavy rock turns suddenly into reggae in this unpredictable dialogue between tragedy and comedy.

 In 2010, Ode to Love received the 1st prize in the Thespis monodrama festival (Kiel, Germany), and the 3rd prize in the Monobaltija festival (Kaunas, Lithuania). In May 2011 the performance is invited to Printemps d’Europe Festival in Lyon (France) and in august 2011 to Stockholm Fringe Fest (Sweden).

 ”The performance is an innovative approach of telling the oldest story in the history of drama: the tale of love and suffering. The actor managed, through his unusual combination of physical and vocal techniques, to create a world of emotional nuances of alienation and intimacy. The director managed to transform the poetic text into a physical and concrete landscape which gave the text visceral immediacy.” – The jury of Thespis Festival, Nov 2010.

Ode to Love had its premiere within Kajaani Poetry Week in July 2009. It has been played numerous times both in Finland and abroad. And the touring goes on…

Text Tuomas Timonen
Director Vihtori Rämä
Actor Tuukka Vasama
Duration of the performance 50 min.

 Working group

Director VIHTORI RÄMÄ (b. 1973) and actor TUUKKA VASAMA (b. 1978) have worked together in twelve years; they share a very physical way of making theatre, where acting – and the actor – is considered as material.

In their company Esitystaiteen seura (performing arts society) they seek new ways within performing arts. In addition, they both work as freelancers in Finnish institutional theatres and free groups.

 VIHTORI RÄMÄ has directed at Joensuu, Kemi and Kokkola city theatres. From autumn 2010 he leads the Rovaniemi city theatre in Lapland.

 TUUKKA VASAMA works within drama, musical theatre, theatre clownery and contemporary theatre. He won the Young Elocutionist Award at Kajaani Poetry Week in 2008.

 TUOMAS TIMONEN (b. 1975) is a writer and dramaturge. He has published numerous plays, and two poetry books of which ”Oodi rakkaudelle” was awarded as the best poetry book in Finland 2007.

 All the three have studied at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland.

Ode to Love press photos


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