Sosiaalisen koreografian opintopiiri

Esitystaiteen seurassa alkoi maaliskuun alussa sosiaalisen koreografian opintopiiri, jota luotsaa seuran jäsen Jon Irigoyen. Opintopiiri on avoin kaikille aiheesta kiinnostuneille.


Are you interested in social choreography?

We are living in uncertain and blurry times where friendship, work, ecologies, emotions and even love are in crisis. In light of all this, we invite you to join us in the creation of a Social Choreography working group in Helsinki. Similar groups are already operating in Frankfurt, Germany and Duke University, USA.

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Social Choreography investigates the intersections between embodiment, choreography and political life. It explores how we can learn and unlearn pre-choreographed aspects of our personal, social, cultural and political lives. As a cultural practice, it can create new spaces, preparing the imagination for envisioning new social relations and ecological thinking.

The group will meet every 2 weeks in the afternoons from March to May (6 gathering). We will meet in the spaces of Eskus Performance Center in Suvilahti, Kallio. The first gathering will happen on the 3rd of March at 5.30pm.

We will share our interests and expectations, and we will also plan the following meetings together. If you can not attend that day but you are still interested please send us an email!
The gatherings will be facilitated by Jon Irigoyen and Emma Hovi. We will work with texts, images and small exercises to give each meeting a focus. Refreshments and a safe discussion environment will also be provided by us.

The group is open to everyone! It is not necessary to have a background in the arts, theory or dance to join the group.


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Where: Eskus Performance Center. (Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki) Suvilahti, Kallio
Why: Take control of our lives


3rd March

17th March (cancelled)

31st March

14th April

28th April

12th May